Referral partner or agent

A referral program with Winstar Payments provides innovative solutions and attractive  pricing on cardpayment processing to small and large merchants, technology and  partners. This helps you grow your revenue, while providing your members or customers with the trusted payments services with WinstarPayments.

  • Partner with one of the leaders in payment processing and reap the benefits:
  • Innovative payments solutions, including services  for processing where the card is present, online, or mobile based.
  • Customized marketing channels to your merchants to  ensure success with your program.
  • Expert implementation and conversion process, dedicated training to our agents and partners.
  • Dedicated account management and  service for your customers or members.
  • We specialize in many industries including e-commerce, retail, restaurant, lodging, non-profits, financial institutions, associations, and professional services. Let us help grow a healthy portfolio while making generous residuals!